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The IndoLab is a collaborative research platform, capable of generating time series of regionally and sectorally highly detailed multi-region input-output (MRIO) tables for Indonesia. The IndoLab enables input-output modelling of economic, social, and environmental issues, with users being able to freely choose the classification of the MRIO tables to suit their particular research aims.


The IndoLab is equipped with a data processing engine that is powered by ultra-high-capacity computer storage, allowing integration and reconciliation of big data sets into a harmonised framework and automatic system. 

The IndoLab Hub -this website- is where you can download the pre-constructed MRIO tables and request a customised regional database.

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The IndoLab offers flexibility in the choice of MRIO years, as well as sectoral and regional classifications to suit the users’ research questions. The IndoLab also allows non-monetary satellite data (such as employment, carbon emissions, and food production) to be attached to the MRIO tables.

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495 regions

1,148 sectors


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Our Works

  • Who are vulnerable in a tourism crisis? A tourism employment vulnerability analysis for the COVID-19 management. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Q1), 49, 304-308.

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The IndoLab applies the construction principles developed in the Australian Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory (AusIELab). For more information about the AusIELab please visit


The IndoLab was developed by Dr. Futu Faturay while pursuing PhD at Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA), the University of Sydney, Australia under the supervision of Prof. Manfred Lenzen and Dr. Arne Geschke. For more information about ISA please visit  


For more information about the IndoLab and ​all enquiries regarding consulting, training, and customised MRIO tables please contact Dr. Futu Faturay via or +62-817703462

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